Santiago Puente began his professional music studies at the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music in Madrid in 1985 after having participated in numerous street theatre groups and bands and had his passion for music awakened. During his studies he participated in different musical projects ranging from classical music orchestras as 1st clarinettist and bass clarinet player, to new age and popular music to latin and flamenco rhythms. He also continued collaborating musically with various visual artists and theatre companies, television and film productions. At the end of his studies he worked two years with Fernando Trueba, the internationally acclaimed film director and winner of an Oscar, on the theatre production “Trío en Mi bemol” and the film “Amo tu Cama Rica”, the first a project with the National Drama Theatre.

After finishing his studies he started an extensive collaboration with Norwich Puppet Theatre (one of two public Puppet Theatres in the UK) and it’s director at that time, Luis Z. Boy, composing music for all their new productions and also performing in these shows. The productions received many awards and good reviews all over the world at International Festivals. During these years in the UK, Santiago continued collaborating with various musical projects both in the UK and Spain, performing at a variety of venues, such as the Glastonbury Festival and international music festivals in Ireland, Holland and Spain.

In 2000 he stared a new music group “Banda Inaudita”, together with two other classical musicians, Juan Pablo Zielinski and Laura Villa. This group mixing classical music with flamenco, popular Spanish music and sound track vibes released 4 CD´s, performed more than 250 concerts all over Spain at different festivals and venues and was awarded Best Self Produced CD by Fnac Spain. Banda Inaudita also made the soundtrack of the film “El Furgón” by Benito Rabal.

From 2003 up until now he has work extensively with Elfo Teatro, a Madrid based Theatre Company with more than 20 years of experience. He composed the music for all the productions since 2005, a total of 7, both theatre and puppet theatre shows. Santiago also performs in all these productions and has undertaken at least 1000 performances until now mainly in Spain at International Festivals, theatre network stages and school programs.

His diverse passion for music also includes teaching and for the last 10 years he has incorporated educational work in his career. In 2012 he started together with two fellow musicians the private music school “Aula de Música Abierta” situated in Guadalajara, Spain. In 2015 Jorge Pardo, awarded Best European Jazz Musician in 2013 by the French Jazz Academy has collaborated with master classes at the school.