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                                                   0373 Oslo

Telephone:                                (+47) 406 37 235




Date and place of Birth:            8th of August 1959, Madrid, Spain

Nationality:                                Spanish

Languages:                               Spanish (native)

                                                  English (high level spoken, intermediate written)

                                                  Norwegian (basic level spoken)


Academic Achievements


1985 - 1993                                Clarinet Teacher                                   Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid

1980 - 1983                                                Primary School Teacher                        Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

1974 - 1979                                                Administrative Specialist Technician      Escuela de Formación Profesional Padre Piquer, Madrid





Santiago Puente began his professional music studies at the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music in Madrid in 1985 after having participated in numerous street theatre groups and bands and had his passion for music awakened. During his studies he participated in different musical projects ranging from classical music orchestras as 1st clarinettist and bass clarinet player, to new age and popular music to latin and flamenco rhythms. He also continued collaborating musically with various visual artists and theatre companies, television and film productions. At the end of his studies he worked two years with Fernando Trueba, the internationally acclaimed film director and winner of an Oscar, on the theatre production “Trío en Mi bemol” and the film “Amo tu Cama Rica”, the first a project with the National Drama Theatre.

After finishing his studies he started an extensive collaboration with Norwich Puppet Theatre (one of two public Puppet Theatres in the UK) and it’s director at that time, Luis Z. Boy, composing music for all their new productions and also performing in these shows. The productions received many awards and good reviews all over the world at International Festivals. During these years in the UK, Santiago continued collaborating with various musical projects both in the UK and Spain, performing at a variety of venues, such as the Glastonbury Festival and international music festivals in Ireland, Holland and Spain.

In 2000 he stared a new music group “Banda Inaudita”, together with two other classical musicians, Juan Pablo Zielinski and Laura Villa. This group mixing classical music with flamenco, popular Spanish music and sound track vibes released 4 CD´s, performed more than 250 concerts all over Spain at different festivals and venues and was awarded Best Self Produced CD by Fnac Spain. Banda Inaudita also made the soundtrack of the film “El Furgón” by Benito Rabal.

From 2003 up until now he has work extensively with Elfo Teatro, a Madrid based Theatre Company with more than 20 years of experience. He composed the music for all the productions since 2005, a total of 7, both theatre and puppet theatre shows. Santiago also performs in all these productions and has undertaken at least 1000 performances until now mainly in Spain at International Festivals, theatre network stages and school programs.

His diverse passion for music also includes teaching and for the last 10 years he has incorporated educational work in his career. In 2012 he started together with two fellow musicians the private music school “Aula de Música Abierta” situated in Guadalajara, Spain. In 2015 Jorge Pardo, awarded Best European Jazz Musician in 2013 by the French Jazz Academy has collaborated with master classes at the school.

As a musician and composer Santiago has covered many music styles and performance settings, making him a very versatile musical artist.


Professional Experience



2017                             Historia de Aladino                Elfo Teatro (Spain)

2017                             The Tortoise and the Hare      RukRuk (Norway)

2013                                           Cyrano de Bergerac                               Elfo Teatro (Touring in Spain)

2010                                           Del Otro Lado del Árbol                          Elfo Teatro (Touring in Spain)

2010                                           The Pied Piper                                        Professor Pop-up (Touring in UK)

2009                                           El Lobo ha Vuelto                                    Elfo Teatro (Touring in Spain & Colombia)

2008                                           Giuliano, The Clarinet Boy                      Wind Quintet with the Symphony Orchestra of A Coruña

2007                                           La Isla de los Pájaros                              Elfo Teatro (Touring in Spain)

2004                                           Cuentos de Ratitos                                  Elfo Teatro (Touring in Spain)

2004                                           Caricriaturas                                             Alauda Teatro (Touring in Spain)

2000                                           George’s Marvellous Medicine                Norwich Puppet Theatre (Touring in UK)

1999                                           Harlequin in Trouble                                 Norwich Puppet Theatre (Touring in UK, Spain & Mexico)

1996                                           Corto Oriental                                           Sound Track for Short Film by Dionisio Pérez Galindo

1994                                           Snow White and the Dwarfs                     Norwich Puppet Theatre (International Touring)

1993                                           Jack and the Beanstalk                            Norwich Puppet Theatre (International Touring)




Theatre & Puppet Theatre:

2000-                                        Clarinet, Bass Clarinet,         Elfo Teatro. Touring Spain, Colombia and Portugal with 7 productions. (More than 1000    

                                                  Saxophones & Flutes           performances at International Festivals, School Programs and National Theatre Network)

2009 - 2012                              Clarinet and Flute                  Professor Pop-up. Touring the UK with 2 productions.

1993 - 2009                              Clarinet & Bass Clarinet       Norwich Puppet Theater. International Touring with 4 productions. (More than

                                                                                                 1500 performances at International Festival, School Programs in the UK and

                                                                                                 Theatre Networks)

2003 - 2005                              Clarinet & Bass Clarinet         Bambalua Teatro. Touring Spain with 1 production.

1999 - 2004                              Clarinet & Sax                        Titiritrán. Touring Europe with 2 productions.

2000                                         Sax                                          Espacio 3000. Touring Spain with 1 production.

1990 - 1993                             Clarinet                                    Centro Dramático Nacional "El Trío en Mi bemol"

                                                                                                  Director: Fernando Trueba (Winner of an OSCAR in 1993)

1987 - 1992                             Clarinet & Sax                          Deliciosa Royala. Touring Europe with 2 productions.

1989                                         Clarinet                                    Farirorafaifo Touring Spain with 1 production.

1986                                         Clarinet                                    Theatre La Garandilla. Touring Spain with 1 production

1985                                         Clarinet                                    Theatre Bajo la Arena. Touring Spain with 1 production


      Music Groups:

2001 -                         Bass Clarinet & Clarinet        Banda Inaudita. Founder member.

                                                                               (More than 250 concerts in Spain and England)

1997 - 2000                             Clarinet & Singer                    Zambra. Flamenco. UK.

                                                                                (Touring in UK (Glastonbury Festival), Holland and Ireland)

1995 - 1997                             Sax & Clarinet                         Rafiki. Ethnic Music. UK (Touring in UK)

1993                                         Sax & Clarinet                        Sabor Canela. Latin Music. Spain (Touring in Spain)

1989 - 1990                             Bass Clarinet & Clarinet         Línea Clara. New Age Music. (Touring in Spain)

1987                                         Bass Clarinet & Clarinet        Enkemen Tekabe. New Age Music. (Touring in Spain)



2016                                         2nd Clarinet                              Nittedal og Hakadal Janitsjar. Norge

1993 - 1998                             Bass Clarinet                           Orchestra of Clarinets de Madrid "Aula 3" (Touring in Spain)

1990                                         Bass Clarinet                           Orchestra and choir Calasanz

1987 - 1988                             1st Clarinet                                Orchestra and choir TAK (Touring Europe

1986                                         1st Clarinet                                Municipal band of Fuencarral                         

1983                                         1st Clarinet                                Vallekofonia Orchestra


Chamber Music Groups:

1990                                          1st Clarinet                               Sexteto Aerófonos (Touring in Spain)

1990                                           Clarinet                                    Trío de Clarinetes (Touring in Spain)

1988 - 1989                               1st Clarinet                               Cuarteto Runa (Touring in Spain)

1988                                           Clarinet                                    Trío Galatea (Touring in Spain)


Dance Orchestras:

1996 - 2002                               Sax & Clarinet                          Orquestina del Valle. (Touring in Spain)

1985 - 1987                               Sax & Clarinet                          Orquestina "Siempre Viva" (Touring in Spain)


Musical Recordings:

2009                                           Clarinet & Sax                          C.D. Jose Luis Serrano.

2009                                           Clarinet                                     Sound Track of the film “Mejor que nunca”. Dir: Dolores Payás

2007                                           Bass Clarinet & Clarinet          C.D. Banda Inaudita. Canciones Inauditas

2004                                           Bass Clarinet & Clarinet          C.D. Banda Inaudita Dos

2004                                           Bass Clarinet                            Sound track of the film “El Furgón”. Director: Benito Rabal

2002                                           Bass Clarinet & Clarinet          C.D. Banda Inaudita. Banda Inaudita

2002                                           Bass Clarinet                            Shortfilm “Onán”. Directors: Abraham López y Pablo Tébar

2000                                           Clarinet                                     C.D. “Club Da Chave”. Siesta Records. Ramón Leal

2000                                           Clarinet                                     C.D. “Sol y Sombra”. Siesta Records. Ramón Leal.          

1998                                           Clarinet                                     C.D. “Tribus Hispanas”. Eliseo Parra.

1998                                           Sax                                           C.D. “It`s beautiful, it`s Love”. Sexy Sadie.

1996                                           Bass Clarinet                            C.D. "Danza Ritual" Fusión.

1996                                           Sax & Clarinet                          Short Film "Corto Oriental" by Adventuras Producciones / Dionisio Perez.

1996                                           Clarinet                                     C.D. "El Legado Sefardí" Director: Julia León.

1995                                           Bass Clarinet & Clarinet          Music for the performance “Eliseo Vine” for the Spanish National Ballet.

1993                                           Clarinet                                     Short Film "Procedimiento Rutinario" by Fidel Cordero Producciones /

                                                                                                     Ministry of Culture

1992                                           Clarinet                                     Sound Track of the film " El Rey Tuerto"

1990 - 1991                               Clarinet                                      Music for the Documentary Television Series "Imagenes Perdidas".

                                                                                                      Director: Vicente Romero.

1990                                           Clarinet                                     Sound Track for the film "El vendedor de huesos". Director: Summers.

1990                                           Clarinet                                     Short Film "Esa es tu parte" by Fidel Cordero Producciones /

                                                                                                     Ministry of Culture.



2015-                                       Tenor                                         Josefinekoret. Oslo

1984 - 1985                             Tenor                                         Choir of Contemporary Music of Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid


Street Theatre:

1981-                                     Clarinet, Sax & Dulzaina       Reanima, Bocamanga, La Perula, La Banda de  Crixófilas, Carracuca,  

                                                                                             La Orquestina Clandestina, Artefacto, Espiral, La Imposible, La Puñetera,

                                                                                             Involantes,  La Zancadilla, La Vallecana, Salamandra, Artefacto, El Elefante

                                                                                                    Blanco, La Molécula Díscola, Guirigay, Elfo, La Requa, Artlequín,…

1987 - 1992                             Sax & Clarinet                           Deliciosa Royala 

1983 - 1986                             Sax & Clarinet                           Perogrullo

1981 - 1982                             Sax                                            El Sucesor de Rocambole.





2012 -                                      Sax Ensemble                         Aula de Música Abierta. Spain

1999 - 2002                             Orchestra of 7 musicians       Orquestina del Valle (Touring in Spain)                              





Founder of the private music school “Aula de Música Abierta”, located in the capital of Guadalajara, Spain.


2012 - 2015                             Clarinet, Flute, Sax & Music Theory     Aula de Música Abierta, Guadalajara, Spain

2005 - 2012                             Clarinet, Flute & Saxophone                 The School of Creative Music of Guadalajara

1984 – 1986                            Music Teacher                                        Agora Primary School, Madrid


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